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What is phlebotomy. To know that there are health in some patients, we would have to do a very good. Some things we can do like by checking all fluid from the patient’s body such as urine, saliva, or blood. Each liquid that will help us get a good diagnosis so that the patient’s illness it would be very useful information for us. It is also often made many health experts to obtain information on the patient’s health in order to provide appropriate treatment to the individual needs of the patient. Without having to go through the procedures of health care, we can also do a fluid through it to find a variety of health problems we might encounter. One of them is by examination through blood. Usually it is also called phlebotomy. To obtain clear information about this course, we have to know what is phlebotomy.

Things we must do to gain knowledge about what is phlebotomy as direct consultation to health professionals. In addition, we can also obtain this information through a variety of literature that has been provided in the hospital library. The main thing of this information is related to phlebotomy will be done on health care. In some parts of the medical, it is also called venipuncture. This activity is dissected by pricking through medical needles to our blood vessels. This is done to obtain information on the quality of patient health. In addition, blood samples using this method will also be used as part of a transfusion. Usually the process of blood sampling was also conducted in a very professional through treatment and certain medical staff. So the process of blood sampling was also performed using sterile tools that are usually found in hospitals. This is done so that no contaminated blood taken various bacteria that will harm the investigation process.

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In addition, to increase knowledge about what is phlebotomy we can also choose a variety of equipment that will be used. However, we also have to do some things that make the patient does not feel worried that too much. This will certainly affect the amount and quality of blood will we want. Thing we must remember is that this activity is a very important thing to do in any medical procedure. This is because the blood-making process will also provide relief to the patient’s condition. Moreover, the diagnosis will we get the results of the examination will assist them in getting appropriate treatment.


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