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Acne is an inevitable thing that a lot of people. Of course this would be very annoying when we get acne on the face. In fact, some people may perform a variety of actions aimed at eliminating acne. Other people may be using a variety of drugs that contain chemicals to get rid of acne. However, keep in mind that the use of excessive chemicals in acne may be a pretty bad impact to the health of our skin. So we have to do better to get rid of acne. One option that is good enough for us to do is to use natural ingredients better. Honey is a natural ingredient that we can use to deal with acne, especially on the face. Some people consider honey for acne may be one option that is quite good.

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To maximize honey for acne of course we should pay attention to several things pertaining to good use. Conditions we would greatly affect the skin around the use of honey. When our skin is in good condition, would it not be a great thing. However, if the condition of the skin we are in a stage of irritation, should we have to consult a dermatologist. Use of this honey should also be done properly, so some of the things we have to do to get the maximum results. When will smear honey on our face, we must avoid the facial hair. Moreover, the hair can also cause acne condition we are getting worse.

The first thing we do when using honey for acne is to clean the face of the rest of the makeup that we have used. This is done so that the benefits can be maximized honey. When we clean the face, we should use warm water so that the cleaning process can be maximized. In addition, before slathering honey on acne should we warmed honey that we will use. After that, we will use it as a warm honey mask on all parts of the skin that have acne by applying it evenly. By the time we get honey on the face mask, a mask that we ought to leave alone for 30 minutes so that the honey can work well. After that, there is a honey mask on our face wipe clean with a damp cloth so that all honey is no longer found in the skin that have acne. To get good results, we should do this 3 times a week. We also can do this until we get clean skin in accordance with our wishes.



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