Things you should know about allergic reaction to hair dye

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Allergic reaction to hair dye. Hair dye is usually done by women in order to get the desired blonde hair very many people. They do a color change radically. Normally this would be a serious impact to the health of their hair and scalp. Just imagine if she had black hair then changed to blonde. Of course there will be drastic changes made ​​so that it can make an impact is pretty bad for them. Sometimes the color change is often done by women who are already old in order to appear more easily. Maybe when viewed from the side of this beauty can be a positive influence, but when viewed from the medical side of course it will cause side effects. It may be that we feel is the allergic reaction to hair dye.


Allergic reaction to hair dye can occur in anyone who has been doing hair discoloration. In fact, it may be felt for the people who often do change hair color or do so only once. Number of hair color changes that we do not at all affect the intensity of this allergy. Although we only do once a hair color change, we will also feel a painful allergy. Things you should know is that allergy symptoms felt when we did not change the color of the hair we feel directly. Usually we will feel quite painful allergic to 3 days up to 7 days after we perform the change of hair color.


Allergic reaction to hair dye can usually cause redness of the skin and cause itching on the hair, face, eyelids, ears, neck and other body parts. Of course this is very painful for some people. So that they always use anti-itch medication to relieve the itching. The main cause of allergies is usually chemicals contained in fluids that are normally color modifiers often called p – phenylenediamine, or often known as PPDA. Of course we are advised to prefer the products of change of hair color is more natural than chemical fluids containing PPDA.

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Usually allergic reaction to hair dye will begin to itch mild reaction we feel. However, the situation would be worse if the itch spreads to other body parts. In fact, the itching will provide adequate infection bad for our health. To overcome this we should stop the use of chemicals in hair color change or skin contact a doctor immediately.

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