Things we should know about dandruff vs dry scalp

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Dandruff vs dry scalp. Many of us are probably still confused with matters related to dandruff or dry scalp. Perhaps this can happen in our heads, but we also have to find out for sure about two things. So when we experience it, we can handle it well through appropriate treatment. Some things you need to know about dandruff vs dry scalp as understanding of each of it. Both of these are certainly very different. Although both occur on the scalp, but the handling of each is certainly very different. In addition, we also need to know the exact cause of both of these things. We are not mistaken for dandruff and dry scalp causes we experience. Of course both of these have different handling, so we have to know exactly how to handle both.

Information about dandruff vs dry scalp will we start from an understanding of each of these two things. Dandruff is the cause of dry scalp. This is a form of dandruff flakes are colored white or gray. Maybe our hair a little greasy, but still dandruff will fall if we do move to the hair. Other symptoms caused by dandruff usually we will feel itching on the scalp which will be followed by irritation and redness of the scalp. This is very disturbing for some people. Dandruff is usually caused by excessive skin oil, the vulnerability we may experience or an indication of the impact of the development of fungus on the scalp. Dry scalp can also cause itching on our heads. However, when we feel the itch on the scalp, the whole body will feel the drought. So this also gives considerable influence to the whole body.

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The cause of dandruff vs dry scalp also need to know with certainty to provide information that is clear and good. Dandruff is usually caused by an allergic reaction to something perceived our scalp. It is associated with the chemicals used on the hair like hair gel, spray, or dandruff cure. Of course we should pay more attention to the use of chemicals on the hair. In addition, some people also believe that dandruff is caused by certain foods or excessive sweating. While dry scalp is usually caused by excessive temperature changes. For example, we will feel the heat on our heads, but when it was winter. This will certainly cause our skin to peel.

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