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Abuse assessment screen. The women have always been one of the victims of sexual violence. They sometimes also get its act less fun than the people who are close to them. Including parents, boyfriends, husbands, and coworkers. This is certainly should concern us all, despite our sisters do not have experienced sexual violence, but we can give special attention to the victims of sexual violence. Usually we always provide great motivation for the women. In addition, we will also actively provide counseling to them to continue their lives without feeling the shadow of fear against those who have done wrong against them. Actually, to deal with this problem we can do prevention early by abuse assessment screen ( AAS ).


Action abuse assessment screen ( AAS ) is usually performed to determine the level of violence that had been perceived by women. This action is usually in the form of questions asked by the counselor to women who are victims of sexual violence. To do this we would have to collect the women who we consider to be a victim. The women usually consists of several groups, including the young women, women who are college students, housewives, pregnant women, or women who work in the office. The whole sample can be taken at random based on age, place of residence, or the other. Once we gather they usually we will explain the purpose of doing this purpose.

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Usually the abuse assessment screen ( AAS ) is always a question directly or through paper media. If we do this right question would be counseling. The counselors are divided into several people and each counselor asking questions to some of the women in the group. Direct questions can be open or closed. When this question is to be closed then every counselor should ask questions specifically to one of the women in a confined space. Another way that we can do to do the abuse assessment screen ( AAS ) usually through the medium of paper. We will give them a paper that contains questions about sexual violence is often experienced. In fact, sometimes this paper contains images which may facilitate the intent of the question.

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Some questions are often found on the abuse assessment screen ( AAS ) is usually about how often the women had experienced sexual violence or who commit sexual violence to them. They will also be given a choice about the sexual violence that often they get along. Usually, the results of this question will make counseling materials for them.

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