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How to get rid of hickey. Usually after getting a date, there are some scars may be left at the neck. This is called a hickey. Some people are happy with it, but others are less confident about the course contained in the neck. Especially when working tomorrow and it should be a lot of people, it will make us even more embarrassed. So we need to do some things that can reduce the size of a hickey or to remove them immediately. When we decide how to get rid of hickey, of course we will have to prepare a variety of things that can make a maximum result. In addition we have taken various steps that are so serious that a hickey on the neck are increasingly quick to disappear.

There are various ways how to get rid of hickey. We can choose a variety of methods that may be easy to do. Some of them such as eliminating the hickey with the cold method, thermal method, and using equipment that may help reduce the size of a hickey. Each of these methods that can be done separately according to their individual needs. The first method is to use enough ice cold. We can reduce the size of or eliminate a hickey quickly by using ice. In part we apply ice hickey evenly in some time. It is thought to reduce the size of that found in the neck hickey. In addition, we also have to remember that all parts of the hickey and the surrounding areas have to get a smear of ice. Let’s put this ice in a long time, until the hickey diminished or disappeared.


The method we use the heat may be how to get rid of hickey. Hickey contained in the neck or other body parts caused by blockage of blood vessels, making blood gathered in one part of it. We can recover blocked blood vessels so that blood returns to normal. Warm water and compress may be one of the best solutions to restore the occlusion it. We can do a warm compress over the water by placing it on the hickey in some time so that the condition of the neck or other body parts to be normal. To get the most out of warm water should we stick it in a long time. The longer we put a warm water, getting maximum results we can.

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The latter method how to get rid of hickey done using ox brush or other equipment that flexible. We can restore our blood stream at the hickey by distributing blood through the soft brush. So that all parts can be reduced or lost hickey as a whole.

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