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Calculating creatinine clearance. Kidney is one of the most important parts of the body. For that we should keep the health of the kidneys to function properly. Renal benefits are also very important for our bodies, so when we experience pain in the kidney we should immediately do a check on health care or in the hospital. Kidneys are not functioning well enough to give bad impact to the health of our bodies, even we too will experience ongoing pain. For that, we need to know the information about the kidney that we have. We can consult the health expert or special physician who handles the kidney. In addition, we also can do the calculating creatinine clearance to determine the exact condition of your kidneys.

When we do we usually calculating creatinine clearance will be given the option of conducting the examination through blood tests or examinations with a urine test. One of the tests performed it will give good information about the condition of your kidneys, so we can anticipate the kidney disease that we will get. If we want to do a urine test through, we will collect urine for 24 hours to determine the condition of your kidneys. When we did the examination through blood tests, of course we will take some of the blood will then be examined to determine the condition of the kidneys. Whole urine that had been taken for questioning and then taken to the laboratory to be examined more deeply.

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Doing calculating creatinine clearance will involve all urine and blood that we collect. The calculation was performed according to the specific size of the possessed body. Usually decreased creatinine often occurs at the age of 10 years in the calculation. So we will decrease creatinine for 10 years. This certainly must be anticipated well for us so we do not decline too much and cause kidney condition worsened. It is also our concern should be to keep the kidney remains good with no excessive alcohol consumption or smoking.


Usually, the result of calculating creatinine clearance which indicates excessive lack sufficient we will feel the discomfort on the part of our body. Some of it includes acute tubular necrosis, Bladder outlet obstruction, Congestive heart failure, dehydration, stage kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, Kidney failure, Renal ischemia and other uncomfortable symptoms. In addition we will also experience a bit of blood flow to the kidney. This is certainly should be a consideration for us to keep our kidneys remain in good shape and normal.

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