Bad effects of amanda bynes mental illness

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Amanda bynes mental illness. Amanda Bynes is one of the celebrities who get considerable attention from the media and a lot of people. This is because he was always doing enough danger to herself and others. Some time ago he also had to do the driving action is very dangerous and can cause harm to others. In fact, some people who were near Amanda Bynes always see this artist talk with yourself or talk to inanimate objects. Some people already assume that this artist has become insane. Amanda Bynes sometimes also seen laughing hysterically that could adversely affect the people who are around her. It also makes all the misdeeds committed artist amanda bynes it earned the nickname of Amanda bynes mental illness.


It is not certain Amanda bynes mental illness. Some people think that the cause of action Amanda Bynes always hurt many people because it is experiencing serious psychiatric disorders. He always felt was under mental pressure which is bad enough that makes Amanda Bynes loses control to control his emotions. In addition, the lack of attention from people nearby as parents and friends can be one of the causes of mental illness experienced by the artist. Of course need to be given special treatment or counseling for him in order to know the exact cause of her actions that harm others.


Amanda bynes mental illness is caused by the influence of alcohol, illegal Obar, and lack of attention, of course we have to address this critically. Alcohol consumption had been given to a certain age limit. However, distribution of alcoholic beverages would have to be considered in particular of the authorities. We can start by raising the age limit on those who will consume alcohol, or close the door of the bar for the young or the old rules do not cross the line. This will certainly be one of the proposals made ​​so that the teens are not having the same impact as did Amanda Bynes. Illicit drugs such as ecstasy and the other is certainly a drug that should not be consumed. This will make us feel bad impact on the nervous system throughout the body.

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Amanda bynes mental illness is still a mystery to be revealed. Role of parents and the nearest like friends should be a serious concern. When this artist should get less attention from now on he should start living together with their parents. In addition, the artist should also begin to open up to the neighborhood where he lived.

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